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Maintaining biodiversity and natural resources is an absolute priority for our brand, which for several years has been pursuing a transparent and more sustainable approach. With this in mind, our entire production chain has been reviewed.



Having already transformed a number of our components, it was time for us to look into a fundamental aspect of our production: wax.

Developing an irreproachable composition of the same quality required more than 1,700 hours of research in the laboratory of our workshop in Normandy, but the work bore fruit!

Since January 2022, all of Carrière Frères’ botanical palets, wax samples and scented candles are made from 100% vegetable wax, from European rapeseed. The choice of this plant from the Brassicaceae family was no mere chance: its growth requires little water and it is suited to European soil. It is also – and this can be no mere coincidence – a melliferous plant that is highly appreciated by bees. We couldn’t have dreamed of better to seal our virtuous circle.

Making our own vegetable wax, sourced in Europe, is major and symbolic progress for Carrière Frères. In its wax, scent and wick, each candle contains its own secrets. Although modifying even the smallest component is a complicated task that requires total reformulation of our products, there is no question of stopping now we are on this promising path: next it will be the turn of our scents and wicks to be taken in hand by our experts. Challenges for the future which stimulate the spirit of innovation that has always driven us.