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Each season, nature gives birth to various species over time. Autumn and winter are the perfect occasion to discover warm and woody scents. Carrière Frères allows you to let them express themselves in your home.


Both woody and fresh, the cypress scent evokes the white winter landscapes.

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Its citrusy freshness accompanies us all year round. The leaves are highly fragrant, with green notes of fresh grass.

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Nothing is more comforting than a firewood on a winter night. Appreciate the warming aura of flames thanks to our Firebrand candle.

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The warmth of your interior lets the smell of the botanical palets diffuse. Hang it in your closet to find the delicate Cedar scent on your laundry.

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Its warm and invigorating fragrance is suitable for all seasons. Its warm and spicy fragrance reveals an invigorating scent.

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Surprising, unusual and indulgent, this fragrance can be enjoyed all year round. To be consumed without moderation.

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Ideal for warming up cold autumn and winter nights, its enveloping fragrance brings heat, comfort and warmth.

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